The We Enhance IT Team

We Enhance IT is a partnership founded by our principal consultants Larry Reid (President of Jade Systems Inc.) and Phil Carrillo (President of International Data Engineering Inc.).

Larry and Phil have worked on a number of projects together and between the two of them have over 70 years of experience in successfully delivering IT solutions.

Their list of satisfied customers include Canada Post, Elections Canada, General Motors, BMW, Dupont, SAAB, AECL, John Deere, HealthSouth, SourceMedical, Teck Resources, Canada Centre for Remote Sensing, Australian Centre for Remote Sensing, Vancouver Coastal Health, ICBC, TELUS, and BC Hydro.

One of the founding principles of We Enhance IT is an understanding and belief in the efficiency of small teams and pair programming. We ensure that our projects are manageable, measurable and our clients have a clear understanding of what they are getting.

Our principal consultants have seen how large development projects can easily go off the rails. It's much easier to keep a small team motivated and focused on delivering value to the customer. Large teams often suffer from communication breakdowns, which lead to cost overruns, missed deliverables, poor client communication, misunderstanding of requirements, and unhappy customers.

At We Enhance IT, we keep our teams small and efficient - our principal consultants remain personally involved and we draw on partners to build the right team at the right size.

We believe in meeting our commitments. We believe in quality: our work is tested and reliable. We don’t take short cuts. As Larry puts it, “if you don’t have time to do it right, then you certainly don’t have time to do it wrong”.

We enjoy meeting and understanding our clients. We pay attention to their business requirements and don’t try to overwhelm them with computer “bafflespeak”. Please feel free to contact us with any of your questions or requirements.